Tuesday, March 16, 2010


No nail stuff today! I will probably do a nail post again on Thursday. I'm just a bit bored right now and feel like rambling. I'm very excited for tomorrow. First of all, it is Wednesday, which has been my favorite day of the week for the last few months because I have been spending my Wednesdays with my grandma! She's awesome. Tonight I think she wants to have a chocolate chip taste test before I make cookies. She bought a bunch of different kinds of chocolate chips last week and wants to figure out which ones are the yummiest. Haha. Anyways, my grandma comes to visit once a week. She has been doing that every week since I was born, unless she is out of town or is sick. On Wednesday mornings my grandma and I go ice skating. She has a bunch of skating friends here and they are all really sweet. I love how I don't hang out with anybody my age for the most part. I have the skating people and yacht club people who are all way older than me, haha. After ice skating we go to Starbucks with her skating friends, then we visit my sister at my mom's shop, then we go out to lunch! It's great. But she messaged me on facebook earlier today asking if I would help her make a cd of Irish music to play at the ice rink tomorrow. Yay! I love Irish music, I grew up listening to it at my dad's house. So at the moment I am listening to all the different music on my itunes trying to figure out what to pick. It's hard! I'll have to see what my grandma thinks when she gets here.

Oh, here is a little story I love telling everybody. I named my grandma! She was going to be grandma Dottie, but when I was little I called her Ba. I called my grandma Karen grandma though. It's weird. And I called juice juice but milk was got. Anyways, now all of my family calls her grandma Ba. Sometimes people think I'm saying grandma Bob. What silliness.

Mkayy, I think I should stop rambling now. Have a good day everyone!!



Linnie said...

hi, this is grandma bob..yeah! She used to be a man... :') haha

Enjoy your day/evening Tier!
I'm going to bed...bye bye *

Kathy said...

"And I called juice juice but milk was got."
^----made me actually laugh out loud....and i'm sitting in a room by myself so it could've seemed creepy lol

When you say grandma ba i think sheep not bob.
I wish i could go skating but there is dumb school. Spin in circles to the awesome music :)

Tierney said...

Thanks Linnie!

Haha, its true Kathy! & I've always wondered if I called my grandma Ba that because she had sheep. And she had goats. But they scared me when I was little. But I don't think that was it.

I wish you could come skating too. Its sad that my auntie won't be there tomorrow. But I will have awesome music! And I have a feeling I will do waltz jump after waltz jump after waltz jump because they are fun. And that is pretty much the only thing I can remember. I could practice spinning again. But that isn't as much fun. Especially if any of the really good figure skaters are there. They're intimidating.

Sandie KlawzZ said...

Ah, I love Irish music too. The other day my TV was on in my room and some type of music was playing lowly on a movie and my sister made a comment about it she said it was something else and I corrected her that it was Irish and the only reason I could tell was because I thought of Leprecahns when I heard it. So, since then my mom's been making fun of me by walking around saying Leprecahn randomly.
Irish people are awesome! Did you know they're the blacks of Europe? Lol. Sorry, had to make a Commitments reference there ;).

Tierney said...

Hahahaha, nice. Leprecahns.

I haven't watched The Commitments in so so long. Its another movie I grew up watching with my dad. I need to steal it from him. Really, everything cool that I love now is stuff I grew up around at my dad's house. He's awesome.

Phil said...

This is such a beautiful blog! The floral patterns are gorgeous!

I am just passing through but wanted to quickly mention that I too struggled with severe shyness for years.

My own shyness is a lot better now, what helped me enormously in overcoming it was Social Anxiety Anonymous, they have free telephone support groups on overcoming social anxiety (which are really helpful, plus you can just listen if you are not ready to talk) and a really great (and gentle) program of recovery as well, http://www.healsocialanxiety.com

Sandie KlawzZ said...

That's great Phil!
I just recently read if you pinch the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger for like 3 minutes it releases endorphins that calm you down in anxiety provoking situations. Pretty much it's a pressure point.

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