Friday, February 19, 2010

Sinful Colors What's Your Name

I love Sinful Colors! I have 16 Sinful polishes so far. I go to Starbucks at Fred Meyer with my grandma and her skating buddies once a week after we go ice skating, and if I have any extra money I usually end up buying one or two. I got What's Your Name a couple months ago, and it is one of my favorites! I've read about a few people not liking What's Your Name on their nails, and that it was more exciting in the bottle. It does look really cool in the bottle, and on your nails it does look different.. You don't really see the purple that you see in the bottle. But I wasn't really disappointed. I still love it!

So.. as usual, these pictures are pre-cleanup and my hand looks kind of awful. On my middle finger there is one bubble right in the middle of my nail. Dang.

Inside, by the window.


Today I also have pictures of 3 out of our 4 cats.

First is Bandit. He's super sweet, but has brain damage and is easily scared. My stepdad adopted him from the shelter when he was a kitten I believe. Somebody had thrown him out of a car window on the freeway. I don't understand how some people can be so cruel.

Next is Sherman. He is my sister Kayla's cat. He's a special one.. some people up the road won't get their kitties fixed and there are always new kittens.. and they are all inbred. Kayla got him from them when he was way too little, the people lied to her. He's also easily scared. He is terrified of Marley. As soon as he sees her he runs. She used to chase him, she thought it was a game. She doesn't anymore. He's the only cat that will run from her. The other kitties just sniff her and walk away.

I had to add this one because it makes me laugh.

Finally is my ferocious killer beastie Goober. I came home from a friends house about 3 years ago and he was in our driveway. He ran over to me and was super sweet and cuddly. He was tiny and starving though. We figure he came from our old neighbor's house. The guy was on meth and had tons of animals but none of them were fixed. First my stepdad said I could feed him but I couldn't let him inside. Then he said he could stay in the garage but that was it. Then he said he could come inside but only if somebody was holding him. Finally he was allowed inside, but my mom was going to make me take him to the alternative humane society, that doesn't put animals down. Right when they called her to say they could take him my stepdad convinced her to let me keep him. Yay! Now he is their favorite of our 4 cats.

Awh, look at my handsome beastie! He is super sweet to me, but he is a killer. He loves being outside and hunting. Except one time when I was gone he tried taking on a hawk that stole his mouse. My stepdad was freaking out and ran outside calling him.

I didn't take pictures of my sister Abby's cat Eddie, aka Creeper. He's not a nice cat, and it is because of him that my stepdad is now making the cats stay in the garage again. He has also slashed my grandma twice, for no reason at all. He hates my stepdad, who actually saved his life when he was a kitten. I didn't feel like finding him to take pictures.

Wow. This post was ridiculously long! Sorry!



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